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‘I would like to thank you for the excellent and personal service we again received from you’

‘Many thanks for your supportive and professional help both at the scan and subsequently. You made difficult decisions easier and gave us confidence and courage.’


‘We found the Nuchal Translucency scan invaluable & Mr Martin reassured us very much.’


‘Thank you for the brilliant news last week and for your help and advice so far.’


‘You may remember I came to see you at the end of March this year for a Nuchal Translucency scan where it was found that the baby no longer had a heartbeat.

I am writing now to thank you very much for how sensitively you dealt with the situation that day and for your help liaising with my NHS hospital.

I am also very grateful for the subsequent help you gave me when discussing the possible causes of the miscarriage  and the letter which you forwarded to my GP which ultimately led to the tests being carried out by my GP surgery.

Happily I am now pregnant again without problems. Thank you again.’


‘I have come to HealthHarmonie a few times for private scans and I think the service is great.’


‘Thank you all at HealthHarmonie for the excellent service. I had some tests with you back in December and the whole experience was fantastic. Mr Martin explained everything to me and helped me feel totally at ease.

I later had some problems and phoned for advice. I spoke to a lovely lady and she was extremely helpful. Thanks again for everything!’


‘Thank you very much for your kind gesture and words. Please could you convey my gratitude to Mr Martin as well for all his help.’


‘Thank you to everyone at HealthHarmonie and pass on my comments to Mr Thompson when you see him.’


‘It is nice to be recognised on return visits – makes HealthHarmonie seem more personal, I have been in on 4 occassions over 8 months and have always felt very welcome.’


‘I thought I would write to pass on our sincere thanks for the service I received from all the staff and particularly from Professor Kilby. I found all of your staff to be most friendly and helpful during the telephone booking and on the day. Thank you again.’


‘I felt very relaxed and informed and came away feeling very happy and positive.’


‘The procedure was explained well and all my questions were answered in enough detail which was helpful and reassuring.’

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